The Meati-Mycelium Connection

Mar 04, 2020

The Meati-Mycelium Connection

Maɪˈsiːliːəm MY-CELL-EE-YUM Mycelia-what? Believe it or not, this tree-like looking structure shown below made of mycelium is the foundation for Meati. Mycelium exists in nature and has been part of the human diet for centuries. Just like there are different types of plants, there are different types of fungi that produce mycelium. But what is it?

Simply put, mycelia (the plural form of mycelium) are branches of filaments that act as nutrient super-highways to transport vital nutrients for healthy growing fungi. Ever heard of a mushroom? Mycelia actually makes up the structure of mushrooms, however not all types of mycelia produce mushrooms. So, let’s be clear. Meati is not made from mushrooms, but it does utilize mycelia much in the same way to create a completely new and unique food/structure. How do we do it? We will explain that in a bit.

Let’s get back to mycelium. In nature you can sum up this system in one word: function. One of the main purposes of mycelium is to help support life by supplying nutrition. Now, imagine taking this life-giving source and creating a whole new food? That is exactly what Meati has done.

Meati has taken nature’s functional food creator to produce a food with a purpose. This amazing food has extraordinary nutrition, utilizing just a few inspiring ingredients for everyone to enjoy. Instead of just another ground up and complex meat-alternative, Meati managed to create the impossible: a whole-cut meat-alternative that could easily be mistaken for a steak filet or a chicken cutlet. An absolute game-changer with endless culinary options? Yes, please! So now that you have a better understanding of what mycelium is, let us give you a taste of why we use it to create Meati.


The nutrient density of Meati, in our opinion, is what makes our food so amazing. All the nutrition in Meati comes from our mycelium. Just one 4oz. serving of our plant-based steak contains nutrition similar to what you would expect in a steak, like 22g of protein and iron (among a host of other nutrients). So, the same nutrients you look for in steak, to support the health and function of your body, can be found in Meati.Protein, for example, is responsible for repairing muscle tissue. Whether you’ve endured an injury, or you are lifting weights in the gym, the body relies on protein to restore and build new muscle tissue. Instead of relying on your go-to refuel of a protein shake or a steak in the future, you’ll be able to add Meati to the mix for a meatless option.An added benefit to Meati is that it is so rich in fiber that a quick net carb calculation will give you a value of zero. ZERO. This makes Meati a great option for anyone following the KETO diet, someone looking to reduce carbs or even someone who wants to boost fiber in their diet.


At Meati, we not only strive to be innovators in the plant-based and meat-free food space, but we want to make sure that we are only bringing you the very best — both in the flavor and functionality of the foods we create.

For us, creating Meati wasn’t about just being a whole-cut (which is a unique take on the meatless-market as it is). We also wanted to bring about a product that was inherently good because nature deemed it so — with the nutrition power to support it.

And upon crafting this extraordinarily food, we knew we had a foundation for a product that we could stand behind, a meat-free option that you could feel as good about eating as we did serving it to you.The biggest question we get is how we take mycelium from nature and make it into a delicious meat alternative. Here’s how we make it.


Our mycelium is a living organism that is similar to yeast in the way that it needs to consume carbohydrates in order to grow. We put mycelium, water, a handful of nutrients and sugar together in a beer brewery-like tank, encouraging the mycelium to grow healthy and happy.The domestication of naturally occurring food is how most of the products we consume have come about. For example, many of the tomatoes we consume today are grown in a greenhouse, to ensure high quality and freshness. Thus, growing food indoors has become a common practice. For Meati, bringing mycelium indoors to grow ensures we can maintain the most optimal purity and avoid nasty pollutants (thanks coal industry!)


Once the mycelium has reached the appropriate size and density, we harvest through a process nearly identical to cheese making. Yep, that’s it!


After we harvest the mycelium, we hand it off to our culinary pros, our expert chefs, the magicians in the aprons — to season it up and prepare it to perfection. And through this process mycelium is transformed into Meati. Simple right?And that’s really it. Meati is simple, inherently good and good for you. Not because we say so, but because nature made it that way. We just seasoned it up and made it available to you. Because we believe, everyone should have access to food that makes them feel good, inside and out.

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