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Meati is a delicious, whole-food protein made from mushroom root. Minimally processed, Meati is a superfood with lots of fiber, amino acids and micronutrients, with zero hidden ingredients. Today, Meati is available as a classic cutlet, a crispy cutlet and a classic steak.

Meati is a completely new category of super protein, and we’re at the very start of our story. As with many innovations, efficiencies are gained longer-term and with scale. Meati looks forward to achieving its mission of making delicious, nutritious protein more accessible, and we aim to deliver great value across the board.

Meati Foods is not a public company, and unfortunately, there is not a way to invest in Meati Foods at this time. Thank you so much for your support and interest.

We do not currently offer discounts, however as Meati becomes more available online and in restaurants and retail, anything is possible. The best thing to do to stay up to date is to sign up on our website to receive updates and follow us on Instagram.

Every pic is 100% Meati. We know they might make you do a double-take because our mushroom root-based meats look so mouthwatering. That's just part of why Meati products are so awesome.

You can cook Meati much like you cook animal meat: pan sear, bake or grill. Fortunately, Meati cuts do not overcook or burn as easily as actual meat. Find more recipes and cooking instructions in the Meati Kitchen.

Season your Meati like you would chicken or beef, but for no longer than 2 hours before you’re ready to heat! Apply a slight amount of oil to the outside and then grill! We recommend checking out specific instructions for cooking here, as times vary based on the Meati cut and whether it’s frozen or thawed. The internal temperature should reach 165°F.

Season Meati Classic Cutlets like you would a chicken breast or thigh. You can find some ideas here, and follow us on Instagram for more tips and tricks!

Just like we eat other root vegetables for nutrition (carrots, beets, radishes, and turnips) eating the root-like structure of mushrooms is über good for your body. It's naturally full of complete protein, fiber, and other nutrients that make it the superfood our founders were searching for. Learn more here.

Meati's classic, crispy and steak cuts are 95% mushroom root, which goes through a fermentation-like process using sugar (however, the final product is sugar-free!), nutrients, and water. We add color and flavor — and sometimes breading — to create the cuts you know and love. Learn more here.

Meati is available at Sprouts stores everywhere. Check out our Find page to stay up to date on where you can find Meati.

Soon! We have plans for big retail expansion in the coming months, and we should have a national footprint by late-2023. Please sign up to receive updates so we can provide you with tailored communication, visit our Find page, and follow us on Instagram for the latest updates!

All Meati orders ship on Tuesdays with 2 day shipping.

To ensure the best possible experience as well as overall food safety, Meati ships quickly so that the product arrives at your doorstep frozen, and we recommend keeping it frozen until you’re ready to thaw and cook, depending on the cut. While the enclosed dry ice may keep the product frozen in some circumstances, we cannot predict what temperatures, sunlight or weather may affect.

Thanks for asking – this is important to us, too! As we just began shipping for the first time, it was critical that we design an experience that would guarantee shipments stay frozen and protected. We are now focused on optimizing the experience while continuing to improve the size of packaging and materials we use. We look forward to rolling out improvements in the future!

To dispose of dry ice, place it in a well-ventilated area at room temperature; the remainder of the ice will sublimate away. Never dispose of dry ice in a waste container.

The best thing to do is follow Meati on Instagram or sign up for our newsletter.

Please reach out to so that we may assist you!

Meati is free from most common allergens, including soy, gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, milk, eggs, fish and shellfish. If you have an allergy to fungi, you should not consume Meati.

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