Food you can feel good about

Meati is good energy. It’s a new, whole food made from the nutrient-dense root structure of mushrooms, delivering high-quality protein, dietary fiber and more. We’re changing the way the world eats and how people feel.

Meati Background

Harnessing nature. From the ground up. Onto your plate. Meati is good food for our future.

Good for you

A new source of high-quality, whole nutrition.

Good for the planet

The way we grow, treat, and eat our food has the power to change the planet.

Good energy

Feel great after, because of what’s in your body and its positive impact.

Meati Infographic

What is Meati?

Combining protein, fiber, and micronutrients, Meati is a single energy-rich ingredient, marinated with flavor that will blow your mind. Mycelium, or the root structure of mushrooms, has been grounded in nature since the beginning of time.

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Meati Infographic

Where is Meati?

Meati will be popping up throughout Boulder over the next few months. Follow us and join the Meati movement to learn about our next moves.

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Get a taste

In the coming months, we’ll be making small batches of Meati available. And eventually more and more. Sign up to stay in the know and be one of the first to try Meati and get that good energy feeling!

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