What is Meati?

It’s a delicious, new whole food delivering high-quality, minimally processed nutrition from the nutrient-dense muscular root structure of mushrooms. Here's how it's made:

At Meati, we believe food should be simple, pure, clean and of course, delicious. That’s why we do everything ourselves, from growing and nurturing our main ingredient to creating our whole-cut products. We use centuries-old processes combined with modern-day knowledge to craft something downright craveable: a nutrient-rich, sustainable, mushroom root-based meat made in the cleanest way possible.

So what is Meati?

Meati is made from a special type of mushroom root plentifully found in nature, known as mycelium. Our founders spent a couple of years finding the perfect type for Meati, and like a houseplant, brought it to grow happily indoors. Growing indoors means Meati is ultra-clean, pure and unexposed to external elements like pollutants, pesticides, antibiotics or growth hormones.

How is it grown?

Meati is grown indoors in stainless steel tanks, similar to those that brew your favorite beer. We grow the mycelium using only water, sugar and nutrients. No need to worry about the sugar, though. While it makes the mycelium very happy, it does not end up in our final product. Once it’s grown, we harvest the mycelium using century-old techniques similar to cheese-making.

How is it so delicious?

Lucky for us all, Meati’s mycelium is very similar to muscle tissue, making it easy for our culinary team to gently form the mycelium into anything from chicken to steak to ham. Like a perfectly blank canvas, we marinate the “cut” of Meati with just a handful of natural ingredients to create a delicious, whole food, rich with protein, fiber and nutrients!

A new whole food delivering unparalleled nutrition.

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Meati offers endless possibility and flexibility with its incredible texture and flavor possibilities

Whole-food protein graphic

Whole-food protein

Harnessing nature to deliver a new, nutrient-dense protein source

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A new nutritional ecosystem

A new way to produce nutrient-dense food that is better for people and for the planet

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Good energy

Food that literally makes you feel good about what’s in your body and the choices you make

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