Add Meati™ To Your Lineup 

Marinate it.Season it.Sub it for any and every meat recipe. Meati™ is an animal-free, complete protein that’s Mother Nature approved. 

Man enjoying Meati™ Steak sandwich

It's a No-Brainer


Swap out your already delicious recipes for Meati™. No modifications or extra-seasoning to make up for taste here. Treat it like meat.

Whole Cuts

Nothing ground, cubed, or sliced. Enjoy a real, whole-cut experience.


Naturally high in protein and fiber, low in cholesterol and fat, and nutrient-dense. All in one cut.

Simple Ingredients

Our ingredient list is short, like only-4-ingredients-in-our-Classic-Cutlet short, and that's how we like it.

Happy Meati™ character

2 in 5 households would switch to another restaurant if it offered plant-based meats

Revenue Management Solutions, Restaurant Consumer Report Q3 Update: Plant-Based Meat Alternatives

Plant-based food sales grew 2.5x faster than total food sales from 2018-2020

Good Food Institute, U.S. retail market data for the industry

There was a 463% increase in plant-based meat orders on GrubHub in 2020

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