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Good Energy™. That’s it.

We believe that food should makes us feel good — both literally and about the choices we’re making for our home and futures. Meati™ is Good Energy™.

Meati steak preparation
Meati Infographic

Cook meati Like a Pro

Cooking meati isn't difficult, but these few tips will make your dishes taste chef-level delicious!

For Your Best meati Ever

meati Dry. Oil. Salt illustration

Dry. Oil. Salt

Pat dry, lightly oil, and salt your meati 15-30 minutes prior to cooking to ensure maximum flavor absorption.

Tip 1
meati Dry Heat Cooking illustration

Dry Heat Cooking

Use dry heat to cook thoroughly to 165° — we recommend grilling Classic cuts and air frying for Crispy!

Tip 2
meati Rest Rest Rest illustration

Rest Rest Rest

Our most important tip yet (!!) — let meati rest for about 5 minutes before slicing!

Tip 3

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