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Your favorite meati cuts and all new MushroomRoot-powered delectables you can't find anywhere else.

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The Innovation Kitchen Subscription

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  • Be among the first to try new creative meati™ goodies from our innovation kitchen - shapes, sizes, and flavors that we hope will blow your minds!

  • 16 servings of originals, at least 8 servings of surprise and changing beta-licious delectables made from MushroomRoot™, and exclusive recipes!
  • Play a part in 
developing the meati Good Energy® foods that may 
end up on store shelves.
  • Help build a better food 
system for people and 
the planet.
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Say hello to MushroomRoot

MushroomRoot™ is meati's special type of mycelium, a big bundle of superfine fungi filaments that looks a bit like cotton candy.
Meati Mo Yum Face
Meati Mo Yum Face
Our MushroomRoot™ (Neurospora crassa mycelium) is special because it's a complete-protein whole food straight from Mother Nature that inherently makes possible everything people want in their meals: incredible texture, undeniable deliciousness, amazing nutrition, and planet-friendliness. Learn more →

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