Meati: The Meat Alternative You've Been Searching For

May 07, 2020

Meati: The Meat Alternative You've Been Searching For

Ever go to the grocery store and scratch your head in confusion? Milk made from almonds? Jerky made from soybeans? Cheese made from cashews? We used to be able to easily picture how certain foods were made, and what was inside of them, until plant-based alternatives boomed in the past decade, making us do a double-take when we picked up what we thought was a regular ol’ gallon of milk.

Sad CowsBut animal products aren’t off the hook either; while we used to be able to imagine chickens, cows, pigs or goats roaming freely across rolling green hills of farmland, most of the places meat is produced look more like a factory than a farm. These poor living conditions cause conventional meat production to be unkind, require too many resources to be sustainable, and include sneaky additives like growth hormones or antibiotics that can wreak havoc on our health.

So, acknowledging that most animal-derived meats are too resource intensive, and most plant-based meat substitutes are highly processed and include confusing ingredients, both protein options just aren't making the cut for us at Meati. Rather than throw our hands in the air, we decided to do something about it: find a rockstar main ingredient that could serve as a replacement for meat without being heavily processed. The hunt began.


Our founders knew they needed to find an ingredient that was naturally nutritious and mimicked the texture of animal muscle so it wouldn’t have to be heavily processed to make a simple, whole-muscle meat alternative. Lucky for us, our founders are mycelium-fanatics, and after studying many different uses for mycelium in their PhD programs, they had a hunch that it could be the key.

So the search was on to find a type of mycelium that was the most suitable for nourishing our bodies, while also being capable of growing very quickly with little resources so that the impact on the planet would be minimal. Finally, they hit the jackpot and found the type of mycelium Meati uses! Now, consumers will never again have to choose between health, taste, or taking care of the planet.


What Is MyceliumYou can think of mycelium as kinda like long and super slim mushroom roots. Just like trees extend their roots down into the soil to find nutrients, fungi create underground mycelium to seek out water and nutrients, too.

Mycelium is so good at what it does (super roots, if you will), it can even provide extra nutrients to help plants grow healthy and strong. So, if you are a fan of a plant-powered diet, imagine eating a food that powers plants!


Just like we eat other roots for nutrition (carrots, beets, radishes, and turnips are roots!) eating our mycelium is über healthy. It’s naturally chock-full of fiber, protein, and other nutrients that make it the superfood our founders were searching for, so Meati doesn’t need to add any ingredients outside of the simple, whole food ingredients chefs use to boost Meati’s flavor (who doesn’t love a good marinade?!).

In result of the way we grow and harvest it, mycelium checks another box, too: it naturally mimics animal tissue in structure, meaning that Meati’s products can be gently formed into whole-muscle steaks by chefs, rather than going through multiple machines to be ground up, processed and then reformed to look like ground beef or a piece of meat. And since Meati’s mycelium is super fast-growing, we can use very few resources to produce lots of juicy meat for everyone! It’s part of how we plan to help feed the world.


We believe that Meati’s meat alternatives are what you have been looking for – no more scratching your head at the store! We proudly share how our products are made, so there are no secrets when it comes to what’s in your food and how it got there. Every time you eat Meati, you can expect a simple meat substitute of mycelium that’s had no exposure to pollutants, pesticides, antibiotics or growth hormones, only marinated with chef-selected whole food ingredients to make your mouth water and to improve your health. Finally, a pure, high-protein meat alternative you can feel good about eating and sharing with your loved ones! Three cheers for accomplishing the Meati Foods mission!

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