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Meati products are a super-delish whole cuts made almost entirely from mycelium, a new superfood providing complete protein, lots of fiber, and plenty of micronutrients — an incredible source of planet-friendly nutrition with zero hidden ingredients. Today, meati is available as a Classic Cutlet, Crispy Cutlet, Classic Steak, and Carne Asada Steak.

Meati is vegan! All our cuts are animal-free, made with no animal products or byproducts.

Meati is both, halal and kosher certified! We worked with OU Kosher as well as ISA (Islamic Services of America) and were granted certification in April 2023, so you’ll now see both of those symbols on our retail packaging.

With the vacuum seal still intact, meati is good for about 15 days once thawed in the refrigerator. Once the seal is broken, we recommend consuming meati within two to three days. If meati remains frozen, you can check the side of the packaging for the “use by” date.

Every pic is 100% Meati! Meati’s mycelium steaks and cutlets are pretty mouthwatering, right?!

Meati is a new superfood offering complete protein, fiber, B vitamins, and other important components of a healthy diet. We like to think that meati is akin to packing the nutritional impact of animal-based meat and vegetables into one convenient cut. We believe our food provides incredible value, and we’re still a very young company working toward the efficiencies of scale that can affect pricing.

We don’t offer direct discounts, but we do work with local retailers to provide occasional promotions. To keep up with them, sign up on our website for emailed updates and follow us on Instagram.

Thank you for wanting to invest in us, but that’s not an option right now. We are not a public company.

You can cook the range of meati products much like you cook animal-based meat: Sautéeing, baking, grilling, or smoking are all options. In the case of a Crispy Cutlet, we recommend air frying. As an added bonus, meati cuts do not overcook or burn as easily as animal-based meat. Find more recipes and cooking instructions in the Meati Kitchen.

Season meati Classic Cutlets like you would a chicken breast or thigh. You can find some ideas here, and follow us on Instagram for more tips and tricks!

Season your meati like you would chicken or beef, but for no longer than two hours before you’re ready to heat. Apply a slight amount of oil to the outside and then grill. We recommend checking out specific instructions for cooking here, as times vary based on the meati cut and whether it’s frozen or thawed. The internal temperature should reach 165°F.

Meati’s Classic Cutlet, Classic Steak, and Carne Asada Steak are 95% mycelium, which we grow at our indoor Mega Ranch in Colorado with sugar (the final product is sugar-free!), nutrients, and water. We add color and flavor — and sometimes breading — to create the cuts you know and love. Learn more here.

You can see the ingredients and nutritional information for each of our cuts right here.

Meati takes great pride in adding only natural ingredients, and never anything artificial or synthetic. That said, we do work with a partner to develop our natural flavor, and the ingredients used are considered confidential and proprietary, so we cannot disclose that info. But all our natural flavors are derived from vegan and non-GMO sources and contain no MSG.

Our amazing star ingredient, mycelium, provides complete protein, fiber, B vitamins, and other nutrients that make it a super-delish superfood. Check out all of meati’s nutritional information here.

Meati is available at Kroger, Safeway, Ralph’s, Albertsons, Sprouts, Meijer, Fresh Thyme, Super Target, Whole Foods Market and many other stores all over the country! And we have even more expansion coming soon, so be sure to check our Find page to find meati near you.

We are steadily expanding the amount of meati products for sale and ways to purchase them. Currently, the best place to find meati now is through our many retail partners, including Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, Meijer, Fresh Thyme, Safeway, Albertsons, Vons, Pavillions, Super Target and many other locations. You can look for meati products near you using the Find page. Our online store is on pause, but you can keep tabs on the possible relaunch of it by signing up for our email updates here or following @meatifoods on Instagram.

We want meati to be accessible to everyone in the future, but we are focusing on distribution in the United States for now. To keep tabs on the possible availability of meati down the road, sign up for email updates here or by following @meatifoods on Instagram.

Visit our Sell page to learn how you can add meati to your menu!

Meati’s main ingredient is mycelium (species N. crassa) which is a natural whole food. Mycelium is high in protein and fiber. All protein sources can trigger allergies for certain individuals with sensitivities. Avoid if sensitive to fungi such as mushroom, mold or yeast. Eat in moderation, if not accustomed to a high fiber diet. 

Meati products are vegan, gluten-free, Halal and Kosher. Meati products are free of the Top 9 Allergens (Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Eggs, Milk, Crustaceans/Shellfish, Soybeans, Fish, Wheat, Sesame). 

Background: Meati’s mission is to provide a healthy source of nourishment. We comply with all applicable laws including US FDA regulations and follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). We monitor, investigate, and analyze reports of customer experiences. We consult and partner with external food safety experts. The University of Nebraska Food Allergy Research and Resource Program (FARRP) deemed N. crassa mycelium to be a low-risk allergen.

Meati is free from most common allergens, including soy, gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, sesame, milk, eggs, fish, and shellfish, and the manufacturing process at Meati is also egg and dairy free. If you have an allergy to fungi, you should not consume Meati.

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